unlikely camper.

girls camp is in full swing. with the dynamics of our area i play a very small role in camp. i did not have to attend planning meetings. i did have to find rides for the girls and today i’m heading 80 miles out to camp. informing bossman of my early departure was met with pleas to tag-along. pleas which continued to the point i thought bossman just might come see what skit night is all about.

me: i need to leave around 1 today to drive out to our church’s girls camp in cle elum.
bossman: absolutely not–can’t do it–no way. i could do 1:30…
me: are you anti-camp? it really is just a bunch of girls who only get one shower a week!
bossman: i’m in!
me: ha ha! so you’ll come and teach a little lesson?
bossman: how long do we have to stay?
me: you’re killing me. probably around 8 or 9. all i know is they called me last night and asked me to bring the girls candy or anything with sugar!
bossman: ok we’ll stop in issaquah. is what I’m wearing ok?

me: you are not going to girls camp!

bossman: i don’t see why I cant go
me: well it’s not that you can’t… it would just be random.
bossman: seems unfair, it’s because I’m jewish isn’t it?
me: hey even if you were mormon it would be weird.
bossman: if i were mormon–i would be on the Quorum of the 12 apostles
me: ha!
bossman: #7
me: why do you only want to be #7?
bossman: i want that on my jersey. we do get jerseys don’t we? or cool jackets?
me: well maybe when you are apostle #7 you can start some new traditions.
bossman: whatever—snob

7 thoughts on “unlikely camper.

  1. >That is a hilarious conversation. I can just picture the apostles with team jerseys on. So did the girls all get to camp with their stash of sugar?

  2. >Jerseys are a great idea! Let’s see – what colors? Hmmm, let’s see, we want to avoid that Catholic thing with the red and black… say, how about burgundy and gold?!That’s how the concept of jersey numbers began anyway – the NY Yankees wanted the crowd to know when Babe Ruth was coming to bat. He was the third in the batting order, so they made him #3. Gehrig was #4.Tell Bossman maybe he should push for his name along the back! “Bossman” probably wouldn’t work…In our ward, they don’t even ask us boys to help DRIVE the girls to camp, let alone show up.

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