L as in lemur.

a few months ago i was on hold for most of the day with 3 different airlines trying to straighten out several flights for bossman. at one point a woman with a british accent asked me for the confirmation number. i repeated it for probably the gazillionth time. She began repeating it back and i had to cover the phone to muffle my laughter {insert accent here} “L as in lemur, E as in echo, W as in whiskey, J as in jimmy…” “l” as in lemur? i don’t think that would be the first word i’d associate with the letter l.

today i saw lots of lemurs and i was reminded of that woman on the other end of the phone. it’s been a slow few days at work. we’ve come off of several big, all day events. there were all of four people in the office today. somehow bossman and i ran a few errands, one of which included seeing the lemurs. as we drove to the zoo we passed the seattle temple. it has been covered by scaffolding for the past few weeks and this has really concerned bossman. he continually asks after the wellbeing of moroni (pronounced moroneee). he requested again to borrow my “card” so he could get in. i mentioned deseret bookstore instead. he complied.

i bought some things i needed for young women while he wandered around the bookstore asking everybody what ward they went to. he was trying very hard to convince me to move to the east side and was enlisting the help of everyone shopping. he was very excited when several sets of missionaries walked in.

afterwards we drove to his synagogue so i could see a jewish bookstore. we pulled up to a fence which opened after he checked in through the intercom. bossman turned to me and said, “you see, we have a little more security, people want to kill us.”

all in all it was a random afternoon to say the least.


2 thoughts on “L as in lemur.

  1. >um, l is for lemur? good thing he isn’t an author of children’s books… a is for abyssinian cat. b is for banded mongoose. c is for coati… that would be a fun one.i am coming down there soon and want to get together.

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