will someone please call a surgeon.

i am scared.
scared to death.
of dentists.


i’m sure this fear carries into other realms of medicine — but for now — i stand, petrified, on the threshold of dentistry. this fact embarrasses my dental assistant mother. she would bring home books filled with orthodontia horrors. she was wowed. even impressed. i avoided the explanations and details. to her credit, we had the best brushed teeth around. i didn’t have a cavity until i returned from a semester abroad in mexico (i blamed it on all the limes i learned to consume). i never had braces but my mom did implement a form of self-bracing, i was to push on my tooth which was askew while i watched cartoons.

today my all time woosiness was unleashed. it actually started last night around 11pm. i couldn’t sleep. i woke up every hour. i had awful dreams. and finally, at 8:30 this morning, i was sitting in a reclined chair, staring at a fluorescent light, wearing sunglasses. tears snuck out from behind the sunglasses. the kind hygienist asked if she was hurting me. no, i am just a wimp. i hate the pressure, the sound, the smell. i hate it all. she took my blood pressure three different times trying to get the 146/92 down to my normal numbers.

she gently whispered to the dentist as he entered, “she has high anxiety.” he carefully explained that i had one small cavity. he then wrote me a prescription. so i’ll be taking a dose of xanax before my appointment next thursday. according to this review, i may be better off just crying in the chair.

**the dentist does not have nitrous oxide. and yes, that stuff is fantastic!


11 thoughts on “will someone please call a surgeon.

  1. >I think you inherited your disdain from me, since I have spent hundreds of hours being tortured by Nazi dentists. However, your fear must come from the other side of the family. Xanax is good. Nitrous oxide is better. Heroin is best.

  2. >I have a couple of cavities in my head that probably shouldn’t be there, but none in my teeth…You should go with Nitrous oxide – then you can fold your arms and laugh at that joker who reviewed Xanax!

  3. >Hey, whatever you have to do for the drugs, even if it is genuine anxiety is worth it, right? 🙂 I have the worst teeth and have spent so much time in the dentist’s chair it’s not even funny. I literally feel your pain, but next time I’m going to try to feel the anxiety too – I don’t have it, but well, I’m sure I could use Xanax in other areas of my life. Oh wait, I live in South America, I’ll just go to the pharmacy and get some – heh, heh!

  4. >OH my little Binky Bee…..how can this be happening when Dentistry is so totally awesome?You can play “fire hose” with the little air/water syringe, and push the button on the chair all by yourself if you ask them. The saliva ejector is slurpilicious gross, but at least it is a little ‘helper’, OK? You just keep those naughty sugar-bugs away, sweetie. Oh – and be sure to ask for the fluoride treatment even though adults don’t get them. Go ahead. Demand it like a screaming b.love you! – mama

  5. >I know how you feel. I have a long history dental nightmares too..and last time they took my blood pressure three times too! I swear it was that drug they gave me that made me feel worse..I thought I was gonna choke! Hope your next experience wont be as bad.

  6. >yeaj that sucks, the only thing worse is being married to a dentist, having HIM work on your teeth and still having those dang tears still sliding down into your ears while protesting that everything is alright.

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