a warring world.

war seems to surround us. the war on drugs. the war on terror. the war on disease. the war on hunger. on our radios, televisions and in our offices politicians and civilians war with words. during a volatile election year it is unavoidable. real wars rage across the earth while less bloody ones rage in our bank accounts. amidst this talk of our economic woes it seemed rather timely to watch the 1940 grapes of wrath starring henry fonda. but just like when i read the book, the plight of the joads was too overwhelming for me last night. the watered down movie version only reminded me of scenes which were absent.

then there is a very different war. the naively powerful, war of the worlds.

i like to listen to several different podcasts. one of my favorites is WNYC’s Radiolab. the broadcast focuses on a topic of a scientific and philosophical nature. while i am neither a scientist nor a philosopher, i am a writer and a radio lover. the hosts make mindblowing things understandable to the average listener. they draw you in and hook you like any good program should do. not to mention they use fantastic sound effects to make their points.

earlier this year i was mesmerized by this episode. there weren’t any hollywood special effects. it didn’t feature blockbuster actors. it was just pure. creative. genious. it captivated me much like it did hundreds others when it first jumped out over the radio waves.

so as this month marks the 70th anniversary of the now infamous radio broadcast, start a new halloween tradition. in honor of all things holy like the lone ranger, listen. it will blow you away.


3 thoughts on “a warring world.

  1. >That is a great site! I will save it. Radio was something we did as kids, shows, just like TV is today. I think it helped imaginations develop, having to picture words in our mind’s eye.

  2. >I once read that there are only about 8 themes in life and that each generation just presents them in different packaging. It is amazing how much of what is already available and was decades and centuries ago is now, again, applicable. BofM anyone?

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