confessions of an uber fan.

part of yesterday’s chat with christian:

J: oasis announced their US tour the closest they are coming is Oakland

they’re not playing too many shows
me: wait didn’t we just see oasis?
J: oh that’s right
i guess i forgot
me: you did?
J: totally
me: ha ha. wait, so you were thinking about going to oakland to see them?
J: no no i was just kidding
me: wow
i thought for a minute you were talking about a different band.
what was the tour they just did?
J: it was the canadian tour
that included seattle
me: oh. i didn’t realize that canada would be a different tour

now to the confessions of a not so uber fan:
if oasis considers us part of canada, maybe we are! that means i can do my psuedo minnekota now palin/alaskanadia accent any time i want!! woo-hoo.


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