lego land.

so you’ve all probably heard of comic-con, and if you are bex, you go to it with your family. i don’t know if we are cool enough to attend that crazy conference, i mean, we’d have to get all sorts of costumes and stuff… in the meantime we decided BrickCon would be a much better fit. after all we grew up with legos. my little brothers had drawer fulls of legos and they’d spend hours upon hours creating. we figured it’d be a retro-hip weekend activity. plus it was only six bucks to get it.
i think i was a little unprepared for what awaited us. families, strollers, kids pressing in on us. you really had to stand your ground and i admit i blocked out a few 5 year olds to get better footing for a look at some of the creations. castles, marching troops, a speedboat, the titanic, a totem pole, the space needle, a cathedral with stained glass windows. we jumped in and made our own little mini figures right next to all the eight year olds. as you can see they’ve found a home in christian’s shrine to the redskins. i think i came pretty close to feeling clausterphobic that day. we only lasted an hour in the seattle center. too many germy kids and creepy people pressing up against us. i asked christian why all the lego people looked so weird, “they’re nerds robin.” oh, that’s right. i’d like to think i’d be supportive of whatever my children pursue… but pursuing blue prints for a 12 foot titanic replica made out of legos… i don’t know about that.


3 thoughts on “lego land.

  1. >Truth be known – your hubbie had MANY lego sets, which he would combine to create huge, invented structures. His favorite – Star Wars space ships. They were perfectly symmetrical and proportioned, not too long or wide. If there was a yellow one in one wing, a similar yellow one, of the same size and in the exact same place, had to be on the opposite wing. Each side was a perfect mirror image of the other.If he wanted to create something and did not have enough pieces, or enough of a particular color or size, we (or my mother) would have to get another set. Nerdy…Go again! Oh, and if you do, think to yourselves, “You’re rubber and we’re glue, what we say (or think) bounces off you and sticks to us!” Yeah, backwards. Kinda ew, but… kinda nerdy…!

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