but california, not california, how could you?

so i got to go to california for a week. i know, i know, you’re thinking “lucky!” really it was a great trip. a wedding and a high school bff were my excuses to head to the sun. margaret was worried about me leaving christian for so long:

maggs: does christian get all sad when you leave?

me: hmmm. i don’t think he does, i mean, i think he misses me.
but i think he is excited to watch espn all he wants and go golfing.
maggs: funny. that’s good!

with a lot of long lost friends to see i was off and only a little bit nervous to be maneuvering california super highways. thanks to my dad i was driving in style. when i walked out on the alamo rental car lot at 11:30pm to find my midsize vehicle a worker asked me if i needed help. apparently i was having difficulty defining midsize. he pointed me to the black rav4. (i may or may not have gotten on the 101 accidentally even though margaret warned me to stay to the left and not to merge onto any other freeways.)

so the california highlights were these: radio en español, margaret’s very own cute house in van nuys, malibu, eating at nobu, walking past josh groban and not knowing it, canyon country, a sugar cookie sweat shop (suprisingly not mine), a bridal shower, in-and-out burger, ventura, the los angeles temple (renamed “la temple” as in “the” you know, la), a wedding, laughing & slumber parties with my old roommates, mission friends, making new friends, a reception dance off, mini dance off groupies who followed my every move, the beach, sitting on the set of dancing with the stars at the cbs studios, wondering how julianne hough is a) so beautiful and b) so tiny, realizing her brother is on the show and margaret realizing i don’t watch the show (sorry!) eating amazing-make-me-arizona-homesick-hole-in-the-wall-mexican, and finally coming home.

through the years several of my friends have danced to the luckiest at their weddings. it’s one of those songs that has a love story depending on who you are. i think the whole week i was too busy to be homesick, but during jocelyn & zack’s dance to that song i maybe lost it just a little bit. i hurried to the refreshment table to see what needed refilling.

when i got home these were waiting for me.
lucky me.
we’ve been on the run driving in the sun looking out for #1.
california here we come, right back where we started from.
hustlers grab your guns, your shadow weighs a ton, driving down the 101.
california here we come, right back where we started from.
california! here we come!
on the stereo, listen as we go, nothing’s gonna stop me now.
california here we come, right back where we started from.
pedal to the floor, thinkin’ of the roar, gotta get us to the show.
california here we come, right back where we started from.
california! here we come!
r.i.p. the o.c. (& my california trip)


7 thoughts on “but california, not california, how could you?

  1. >Awww, that is so stinkin’ sweet! Those tulips are beautiful. He’s funny and romantic, huh? You look smokin’ in that black skirt and hot pink shirt! and I love the sweet flying hair dance shot. Are you coming to Utah anytime soon? I really want to get together one of these days. Maybe we will just have to move up to Washington soon!

  2. >i had my very own walk-past-a-celebrity-and-not-notice experience. except that i walked past gary coleman and didn’t even see him because of the height difference.ah man, now i’m homesick.and do you mean dancing with the stars at the abc studios? why are you so worried about julianne and her brother…did you see them? i mean, since you don’t watch the show, of course. =]

  3. >So, let’s see, the symbolism behind the tulips… Okay, 9 for Sonny Jurgensen, the color is kind of a female version of burgundy and he did miss you, kissing your two lips! Message sent! Message received?And as to “Dancing With the Stars” – go Cloris!

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