so far away from me.

things change quickly. it is especially evident when there are 16 years between me and my little sister. i don’t think she could fathom a life without cell phones and the internet. on the other side of things i’m sure our parents think that we can not understand just “playing” not being stimulated by video games and computers and television, but good old fashioned playing.

sometimes the technological changes make me mad – mostly where my university’s college of fine arts and communications is concerned. there have been so many advances in broadcasting that my now seven year old degree seems almost archaic. the college is completely refurbished. it’s even located in a different building… a different building that though i have visited campus since, i refuse to enter.

i remember fleeting things like being given a quarter to use the payphone, cassette tapes, gigantic car phones, vhs movies, dot matrix printers and a time before there were http://www.anythings… i’ve often considered how to explain these to my one day kids. you know, we are watching a movie, a guy uses a now non-existent pay phone and i have to explain there was a time before people were glued to miniature portable communication devices.

my first tapes for my 11th birthday were 1. the beach boys single kokomo from the movie cocktail and 2. paula abdul’s forever your girl album. i received more tapes. our family was actually swimming in tapes. one of those tapes was dire straight’s brother in arms album. (i just realized these guys are british. thank you wikipedia! maybe christian will love you now since he loves all things british) right now i’ve been thinking of the song so far away.

just when i get back into town i take christian to the airport today. he’ll be seeing his mom mom and dad dad* and his brave marine brother. i’m sure he’ll find pudding pops – since apparently those are still sold in maryland but not washington state – he’ll see cousins and just have fun.

i sang a little bit of the song at the airport but christian didn’t recognize it. i’ll have to continue my musical history and education of him…

here i am again in this mean old town and you’re so far away from me.
and where are you when the sun goes down? you’re so far away from me.
i’m tired of being in love and being all alone, when you’re so far away from me.
i’m tired of making out on the telephone, and you’re so far away from me.
i get so tired when i have to explain, when you’re so far away from me.
see you been in the sun and i’ve been in the rain.
and you’re so far away from me. so far away from me,
so far i just cant see. so far away from me, you’re so far away from me.
[dire straights]

*mom mom and dad dad is what christian calls his grandparents

5 thoughts on “so far away from me.

  1. >Let’s not forget about analog typewriters. Hahahaha. When I took keyboarding in high school, I learned to type on one of those beasts. It didn’t even have backspace.

  2. >I helped my Boy Scouts pack for camp by creating a packing list for them, taken from my old Boy Scout Fieldbook, the best camping book in history. After the list I also added the line (from the book) – “And be sure to bring a dime in case you need to make a phone call.”They had NO idea what I meant. They thought they were in dire straights… for sure.By the way, a few years ago Christian ran across my college typewriter, still in its case, in the basement. His question, “Hey, Dad, what’s this?”He was serious…

  3. >Are you too young to have ever had a rotary dial telephone in your house?I got my college degree (graphic design) in the 80’s. The minute I graduated, the entire industry went to computers. go figure

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