presidential campaigns are overrated.

let’s face it, an election year* is great for saturday night live and late night comedians. but other than that, especially this year, i’m failing to see a silver lining in the dark clouds that cover me. i’m just exhausted. exhausted of the passion and anger and pushiness and exaggeration and angst and, let’s face it, lies from both sides. who wouldn’t be? this has been going on for nearly two years now.

i understand the need for campaigning. i have an excellent track record of student council service at highest levels at two elementary schools and one middle school. i also have three years of student government experience in high school and i even served at the university level. i know all about buttons and signs and speeches. it’s the funds wasted on said campaigns i’m not thrilled about. nor am i interested in commercial after commercial after now infomercial of accusations. not to mention the fact that all four candidates are in fact elected officials. two of which have been playing hooky from the senate for quite a while.

so here are the reasons why i am beyond excited for it to be november 5th**:

  1. no more back to back commercials telling me just how evil dino rossi and chris gregoire are.
  2. no more giant flags flying out of car windows. people, let’s face it, car flags should be contained to sporting teams (and even then it is dorky).
  3. no more campaign lawn & window signs. (mccain must have run out of signs to hand out when he got to washington state).
  4. no more email forwards telling me how it will be the armageddon if a certain candidate wins or how another candidate is seconds from translation.
  5. no more making every comment about something political.
  6. no more wasted mail that goes from my mail box to my recycle bin.
  7. no more talk of mavericks and change – unless future politicians change into this kind of maverick – or even this one.
  8. no more celebrities pretending to be political, environmental, economic or foreign policy experts & no more non-american bands wearing political paraphernalia. you can’t even vote here!
  9. the end of being crucified for following religion.
  10. finally, i know this is idealistic, but i can pray we return to professional journalism including one of the very first terms we all learned in comms 101 – objectiveness.

*election YEARS
**i realize this is a bit naive considering the 2000 election. i was in the middle of brazil on my mission. my companion and i searched for word of the u.s.’ new president the day after the election only to be bellylaughed at by the newstand owner. once the laughter subsided, the brasileiros quickly told us just why america was such a joke. we couldn’t pick a president.


14 thoughts on “presidential campaigns are overrated.

  1. >I am soooo tired of it too. The constant phone calls I am receiving are driving me crazy! I read a funny blog today about dying. One of the comments to her blog said “Wow, I’ve been thinking about dying too. Not about my not clean house, I’ve been reading the obit’s every day and thinking how lucky these people are that they have escaped the ELECTION!! How great would that be!”

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