i’m over it.

i like to make things from scratch. don’t get me wrong, i’m no pioneer woman. i just grew up slicing apples and rolling dough for pies. wrapping up baby banana breads for christmas gifts. mixing (and eating) cookie dough on rainy days (speaking of, we may need to rethink that tradition if we stay here. i’ll have to start whipping up cookies on sunny days, but somehow that doesn’t have the same appeal.) now that i’m grown up i discovered the fun in making cupcakes without a cake box. usually my treats are greeted happily but there are a few grumps who like to say, “you know you can buy those.” yeah, i know, i wanted to make it myself.

last week i had one of those moments. i thought it would be an amazing idea to make ice cream sandwiches. after the fact i am here to tell you, it wasn’t so amazing.

in the young women program we have seven values we learn about. they are faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, choice and accountability, good works & integrity. each month we focus on one value. this month was knowledge. as a tradition we make the refreshments match the value color. knowledge happens to be green. so i set off to make mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. i only made the cookies and placed sliced, store-bought ice cream in the middle. but four hours later i was so over it. i wanted a skinny cow.


5 thoughts on “i’m over it.

  1. >We started our Christmas-season banana nut breads for passing out. Why now I don’t know, but we did two tonight.Christmas isn’t for a while yet. Apparently, I am under it…

  2. >Ahh…the dedicated YW leader. 🙂 Good for you! It’s interesting (but sad) how those good ideas come back at you sometimes. But, I’m sure they tasted great!

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