last night christian did something we have both been thinking about for a while although we hadn’t really verbalized it to each other. tools in hand he went downstairs and removed our license plate holder. the brigham young university license plate holder. the brigham young university license plate holder on our 2008 honda crv.

why did we do that? i guess it was a preemptive strike. we live in seattle and this is our chapel. we don’t live in states that had propositions up for vote but my family and friends and cousins do. i am a christian. i am a latter day saint christian. i am a latter day saint christian who supports marriage between a man and a woman. there. i said it.

for the first time in my life i have experienced dread, anxiety and fear where discussing my church was concerned. this is foreign for me as i have welcomed any chance to discuss my beliefs and the church. but the stakes are higher. the fight is uglier.

my friend’s mom made me realize i could speak up and it could be powerful – despite a loud sea of objection. although i know that many of my friends do not agree with me – i must speak up in support of those who do.

although i feel stripped of my identity at least where my car is concerned… i am not ashamed and i will not be still.


9 thoughts on “stripped.

  1. >Initially I thought that the removal of your license plate holder had to do with the game on Saturday as these things do tend to disappear before such game (at least mine has before).

  2. >Good never shouts down what it disagrees with. It never protests with nasty signs. It doesn’t force. But when it stands up for what is right, good does intimidate. The no good can’t stand it. It can’t because like attracts like. To the no good light is blinding.Don’t let the Stalinists silence you. Be who you are. Moses was the meekest man on earth, but he was no weakling!

  3. >Hi Robin,Do you remember me? I saw you post a comment on Karen’s blog and you said you were roommates with her 10 years ago. I said I bet I know who that two forks person is and I do!Hope you don’t mind that I will now be following your blog!Nichole

  4. >it is interesting situation. i think we used to be respected for being different, and now we will learn what it is like to be rejected. i have to remind myself that we are a peculiar people, not meant to be popular.

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