fat dog.

my college roommates and i would fat dog on sundays. during the last hour of church we’d start plotting what measly ingredients we could pool to make lunch. then, we’d stuff ourselves. at that point we couldn’t do much but lay down and fat dog it. thanksgiving is another nice time to fat dog. we were surrounded by a lot of family last night. a lot of family that was not our family. my boss invited us over for a great dinner. it was a big difference from last year when christian and i made the entire feast, including a 20 pound turkey, all by ourselves.


so what do you do after the thanksgiving feast with no friends or family in town and no money to spend? you practice different variations of fat dogging it: you drink root beer floats for breakfast.

you wear pajamas all day long. you watch movies and random vh1 shows. you email everyone you possibly know. you clean. you do laundry. you work on christmas lists and you set up your playmobil nativity.

4 thoughts on “fat dog.

  1. >I had a fat dog once – her name was Buffie. What a blimp! Very pampered little pooch. My mother spoiled that little thing for nearly 20 years. she had a great life!Hopefully you spoil that little thing in your pic for more than 20 years. Yeah, the one with the blankie…

  2. >I always miss the leftovers! Smart coming up with your own “leftovers”. You had root beer floats for breakfast, I had more pumpkin pie. Same thing. 🙂

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