knowing’s half the battle.

this holiday season i am thankful for wikipedia. i mean, i’m always thankful for the wiki library but i thought it was about time i publicly thanked it (much to the chagrin of my uncle).

i am so glad it is there for me to look up movies i watch with its plot summaries and character sketches… thanks to movies and then my subsequent wikipedia research i have learned: kanye west comes from a middle-class family… so why is he always complaining about his life??, the battle of the crater crater still exists and could have been avoided but politics prevented a victory, flyboys’ james franco was loosely based on us air service pilot frank luke and luke air force base was named after him, boy from oz is about an australian songwriter and performer not the wizard of oz, hugh jackman has two adopted children, wolverine is only 5′ 3″, liza minnelli is judy garland’s daughter (!?), and mother teresa’s real name is agnes gonxha bojaxhiu.

this last bit of information seemed crucially important to me. you see, ever since the opening scene of the saint, i have been in love with the name agnes. agnes!??!?! you say? yes. agnes. i really like that name but christian seems intent on making sure no offspring of his suffers through a name as hideous as that. i tried to win points by telling him mother teresa’s real name was agnes. his response? “good thing she stuck with mother.”

i am also thankful for youtube where i can find amazing he-man and anti-drug PSAs and warm fuzzy commercials brought to you by the mormons.


7 thoughts on “knowing’s half the battle.

  1. >You are hilarious! I didn’t see any blurb about ‘twilight’ though..especially all the spoofs made about the trailer on funny, but see the movie first otherwise you’ll laugh at all the trailer scenes in the film..or you can see the spoof on our blog.Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

  2. >After perusing many of the youtube videos you linked to (and others about the church), it astounds me that people seem to have nothing else to do all day except denigrate other religions. What ever happened to just making fun of people in person? I think I will start to make ridiculous videos "exposing" Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, and–of course–Jehovah Witnesses. Scientology seems to make enough fun of itself, so I'll probably leave that one alone.And you should name your next child (boy or girl) Sydney. Your Father,@@#&&*@

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