in case of emergency, have coke on hand.

seattle is surprisingly ill-equipped when it comes to snow. december 2006 after christian finished his finals i flew in for a week to buy furniture and help move in to our new apartment. our move-in date coincided with a major black out. added to the fact that in the winter it gets dark at 3pm, we weren’t able to get that much done. a month later an ice storm hit and we would run to the window every time we heard a car unsuccessfully trying to make its way up our hill. christian’s school shut down. my eight plus years experience in two snow cities gave me hope. salt* trucks and plows will come. salt trucks and plows will come. salt trucks and plows did not come. instead the city placed a sandwich board at the top of our hill. snow closure, it read. that was it. no reinforcements.

we had to wait for the thaw.

so this week, two years later, as every school in the city and surrounding area reported, not just delayed starts but closures, we thought the storm of all storms was hitting. everyone eagerly stayed home, paralyzed at the thought of snow, anxiously watching the skies. nothing. came. not even a drop of rain. it actually warmed up and the sun peaked out. friends from salt lake, idaho, chicago and alaska scoffed.

but this morning, yesterday’s storm hit in all her glory. we awoke to giant, lazy snowflakes that darkened the sky and heavily dropped late into the afternoon. our view was transformed. the cars buried, streets hidden and the neighborhood seemed vacant. christian decided to take advantage of the biggest storm since 1990. as we headed outside it seemed people were friendlier. neighbors walking dogs, kids sledding down the sidewalk, adults throwing snowballs, and christian skiing down denny way.

don’t get me wrong, i am not a snow person. i come from the desert and long for the desert. however, there was something magical. there was almost a silence as if a city was sleeping. i felt like i had walked through the back of a wardrobe into an enchanted land… the charm quickly wore off when i realized i couldn’t feel my toes or fingers. this must be the early stages of frost bite. and to think, i would be trapped in my apartment, watching felicity season three, making macaroni and cheese from scratch, playing tetris party and not one pop to be found!! next time we will be better prepared.

*while salting seems normal to me after a gazillion 4am live shots about how many trucks of salt mdot and vdot have standing by… apparently here, that is blaspheme. seattle sands. and only very sparingly i might add.


7 thoughts on “in case of emergency, have coke on hand.

  1. >I love the quiet of special snow and the way it brings people together, too. We also get those 1 or 2 times a year snow storms so they are fun. (Ice on the other hand is very un-fun.)

  2. >So they bring a little beach to the blanket o’ white. What’s wrong with that?I take that back – so they bring a little desert to the blanket o’ white. What’s wrong with that?Yeah, desert! There you go!

  3. >Coast to coast! We got pounded too. We took a jaunt upstate yesterday and never would have made it back to Manhattan sans 4×4 vehicle. Yay for white Christmases.

  4. >Coke is the manna provided by the Lord for our comfort and well-being. It’s too bad we can’t just go outside each day and pick up what we need. I think He forgot that part this time. But, one need not fear! We are stocked up in the holy garage fridge with carbonation galore!!

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