snow on snow, snow on snow.

when i was little we had to memorize things. my first memorization came at three when i was assigned to speak in church. my parents rehearsed with me for countless hours and the product was a little person at a little podium without parental whispers aiding her. we also memorized poems. poems like invictus were taped to our bathroom mirror. along with the memorizing came the amateur performing. the 3rd grade talent show illicited a terrific rendition of sick by shel silverstein. i wore my pajamas and had ratty bed head and everything. i soon moved on to original work submitted by my parents – the main piece being a spoof on mary eating her little lamb – “she got so big she filled the earth and changed circumference to girth!” obviously my parents proved to be fantastic speech writers for my growing student council career. in one christmas skit my brothers, sister and i recited christina rossetti’s the caterpillar.

(l-r: asia (5), leiland (9), james (12), robin (16). center: stage mom)

too bad reality tv didn’t hit until 10 years later. our stage mom could have really taken us places!!

well tonight i am reminded of something more eloquent by ms. rossetti. her christmas carol in the bleak midwinter.

in the bleak midwinter frosty wind made moan, earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone; snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow, in the bleak midwinter, long ago. our god, heaven cannot hold him, nor earth sustain; heaven and earth shall flee away when he comes to reign; in the bleak midwinter a stable place sufficed the lord god incarnate, jesus christ. enough for him, whom cherubim worship night and day a breast full of milk and a manger full of hay. enough for him, whom angels fall down before, the ox and ass and camel which adore. angels and archangels may have gathered there, cherubim and seraphim thronged the air; but his mother only, in her maiden bliss, worshipped the beloved with a kiss. what can i give him, poor as i am? if i were a shepherd i would bring a lamb, if i were a wise man i would do my part, yet what can i give Him – give him my heart. (in the bleak midwinter; christina rossetti)

we (as in seattle) have been snowed in. we. have. been. snowed. in. for. days. i haven’t been to work since last monday. we’ve only left our house so christian could ski down our street and go buy me coke. church was canceled. our car is buried. it was fun and exciting the first day. okay maybe the second day too. but now i’m realizing that i need better hobbies. better hobbies and lots of prayers. our flight to arizona leaves tuesday. dozens of flights were canceled today due to lack of deicer at the ariport. the snow isn’t letting up anytime soon. i told my family to pray that we make it and 14-year old rachel answered the call:

me: it’s snowing again! the snow is so deep. you could make a snowman or a snow angel or a snow ball!
rachel: HOLY CRAP. in YW i prayed for your snow to stop the day you guys are coming
me: you prayed in young women? out loud?

rachel: yes. the opening that is so funny!
rachel: i got your guys’ backs!me: so you said, “please make it stop snowing in seattle?”rachel: yeah i was all like (real fast) “anyone who is stuck inside their house in seattle can you please help them make it to the airport in time?” after i was done everyone said, “sounds like someone’s stuck in seattle”so we were learning about how to love yourself and be dependable at church. the teacher explained what to do like a million times and then mel leaned over and was like what are we supposed to do?
me: ha ha
rachel: i was like, i guess people can’t depend on you for your hearing

me: OH SNAP!
rachel: hahah

maybe i should get someone else to start praying!


6 thoughts on “snow on snow, snow on snow.

  1. >I guess we picked the right year to move, huh? Sarah McLachlan has a cool version of that poem on her Christmas album–I’d never heard it sung before. Hope you guys make it to the airport.

  2. >James Taylor sings a version of that on one of his Christmas albums. I like it. And I had a Little Golden Book called The Children’s Christmas Treasury (I think) that had the last stanza of that poem in it. I guess they didn’t want to mention things like asses and breasts of milk in a children’s book. And up here in Bellingham, church has been canceled two weeks in a row now.

  3. >At the Christmas Breakfast Social on Saturday I sat on Santa’s lap and asked for a Redskin sweep of the Philadelphia Eagles.Santa came through…That being true, I am sure a prayer or two is heard and forces are at work.”Make it so.” Captain Piccard

  4. >you guys better make it here or my christmas is ruined!&yes, people, i know what the real meaning of Christmas is…but;THIS. IS. CRUCIAL.P.S. it's raining here..i think its a sign the snow is surely moving farther and farther away…

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