we are in a recession.

when you are in a recession you give neighbors homemade . you don’t go shopping on black friday. you also convince your families to draw names so you only have to buy 4 presents (, , … well actually 3 because convinces you to not buy him something) instead of 18, even though you still end up buying presents for and making it a total of 6 presents because you couldn’t resist! you also decide you are just getting little presents for , as in less than $10 little presents, like and and that’s it. and you know, it is almost sweeter that way. so, for those of you who weren’t able to make it on our this christmas card season… feast your on it:

Robin and Christian are coming up on their two year anniversary and so far it’s been a party (noun). In case you want to know their intimate details, yes, Christian still sleepwalks (verb, plural) and no there are no babies (noun plural) on the way. Avoiding Seattle’s political climate, they spent their 4th of July (holiday) in Victoria, Canada, barely (adverb) missing the Canada Day fireworks (noun, plural). Christian reluctantly (adjective) went along with Robin’s not-so-romantic-after-the-fact-25-mile-bike-ride to Butchart Gardens. Other stops in 2008 included Utah (state), Arizona (state), California (state) and Baltimore (city). They also made it to Bavaria this year (see enclosed photographic proof) and bought their very first nutcracker (noun).

Robin continues to fight crime alongside the Dark Knight (male super hero), ur, fight heart disease at a Seattle-based non-profit. She also seems to have a part time, non paying job called church (noun). After a year at Microsoft’s Game Studios working out licensing for XBOX games, Christian’s contract came to a screeching (adjective) halt, much like the economy. He claims he is enjoying his “retirement” but Robin thinks you should hook him up with a job if you need a lawyer (profession). Robin also says interested parties should preferably reside in Washington D.C. (city) or San Diego (city). Or maybe you can just help them turn Christian’s blog into a money-maker (noun). Happy New Year (holiday)!

6 thoughts on “we are in a recession.

  1. >i won’t be mad that i’m not on your list. i won’t.but, i will take offense at the two times you confused adjectives with adverbs. it’s nothing personal…it’s just what i do, you know?merry christmas, you guys! =]

  2. >Robin,We were touched we were on your list…. is that because you were on ours??? Damon was super jealous to hear he was left off!!! Hope you had a great holiday. Grace uses her “pretty flower” blanket to sleep with every night (the one you made). Some day I will send you the promised picture!Happy New Year!

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