{spoiler} we are not high rollers.

when you get married four days after christmas your anniversary is forever cemented to christmas. last year we were visiting family and felt like it would have been rude to have celebrated. so we didn’t. we kept promising to throughout 2008 but we didn’t. we learned from our mistake and even though we were visiting family again, we snuck away for a night to celebrate our second anniversary (much to the dismay of my little sister).

we booked a fancy resort in scottsdale and my dad booked us an even fancier car. for some reason i thought we were going to gainey ranch, which i knew well. we were actually headed to mccormick ranch – which easily dazzled us! christian drooled over the golf course and flat screen tv. the room was amazing. we had planned to eat our take out dinners and began searching for a microwave… we quickly realized that fancy hotels, while offering in room mini fridges, do not include microwaves in their detail.

with no other alternatives we ate our cold steaks… with our hands as we watched the sound of music. to redeem our ghetto-ness i took christian for a drive through old town scottsdale and then we shared a banana split at the sugar bowl.

in the morning we were true hoighty-toighties, checking out racquets to play tennis in our pajamas. and by play, i mean, i blasted at least three balls over the fence. we ended our stay with a dip in the heated pool. i think our third year of marriage can only get better… right? i mean, at least we have a microwave!!


11 thoughts on “{spoiler} we are not high rollers.

  1. >I know what ya mean. We got married right before Thanksgiving, so we hardly ever celebrate by going somewhere. And, we are often with family around that time. Sounds like you had fun, though.

  2. >Good for you! It seems like there’s always some reason to stop you from getting away–I’m glad you got to and made the best of it. Happy Anniversary!

  3. >Happy Anniversary–Shane and I got married Dec. 29th too. Isn’t is lovely??We have learned from past years and while we actually did something this year, we usually don’t celebrate it in Dec. with more than just dinner out or something. We go somewhere/do something fun in the summertime and have a really good excuse to say “we have to, it’s for our anniversary we never got around to right after Christmas.”Ha ha!Happy Third!

  4. >Our anniversary is the 28th. I just totally blogged about this. I said if you want to get married do it before christmas! or after newyears. oh well. we know what you mean.

  5. >We were in a very nice motel in Flagstaff last weekend and there was no little refrigerator or microwave to be found. I had even stopped at a grocery store, before we checked in, and luckily did not get anything perishable. What is the world coming to anyway, when you can’t even microwave some popcorn or keep your coke cold. Sheesh!

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