we have returned from the annual chili cook off.

crock pots swimming with chili and enough pies to make the judges’ stomachs ache. this year some new items were added to the evening’s entertainment. live music and line dancing (although not at the same time).

the line dance instructor took the floor and we headed up front to show our enthusiastic support. a few moms with toddlers in hand lined up as well as several uncertain participants. after she showed us the first eight counts i turned to christian, “this is the electric slide!” i said. “it is?” he said. obviously stake dances don’t rank as high on his teenage resume. i thought that it couldn’t just be the electric slide. i mean, that’s not really line dancing, is it? but after a grapevine tap to the right and left, four walks back followed.

at one point christian raised his hand, “am i allowed to clap?” he asked. “no” she said, “there’s another dancing coming up where you can clap.” anticipation mounted! when we were finally ready to add music we all busted a move to “it’s electric!” it definitely was a blast back to 1994. contrary to instruction, christian threw in quite a few claps, both on beat and off.

our bowls of chili were calling to us so we snuck off the dance floor but no sooner had we sat down then we heard, “christian!” the dance instructor was yelling into her microphone, “now you can clap!” we ran back out and did a semi-macarena before calling it quits.

my advice to you, if you are ever feeling down, just go bust a move at a chili dance. you’ll be glad you did when 12 and 14 year olds tell you what smooth moves you have!


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