yo homes, smell you later!

easter is my favorite holiday.

as a christian, i love its symbols, i love its hope, i love its power. don’t get me wrong, i also love the colors, the eggs, the chocolates and the animals but sometimes i wish i belonged to a denomination which observed ash wednesday, lent and holy week. i still am maneuvering my way to carve out new “family traditions” and i want to make the weeks leading up to easter more meaningful.

on my way to work i passed st. luke’s lutheran church. i always try to read the marquee and today it spoke of lent, of self-denial, of sacrifice. so, office friend laura and i decided we’d share our last coke before we kicked pop to the curb during lent.

as you can see, we took our decision very seriously.

Laura thought it would be helpful if others knew of our pledge so she solicited support:

In the spirit of Lent, Robin and I have decided to give up Coke (A-Cola that is). For the next 40 days (starting tomorrow) we are requesting your support on our spiritual journey. If we are at lunch together or anywhere there might be temptation, please remind us sweetly of our commitment. Thank you for your time, support and energy. Peace be with you.

we’re already off to a good start. our co-worker fianna decided to join us in her quest to give up crunchy, cheesy goodness:


9 thoughts on “yo homes, smell you later!

  1. >Co-worker? There’s a co-worker under there? Good luck with that personal Lentian imposition!My grandmother always fed us pancakes for dinner on Shrove Tuesday. It was a tradition I think. And, being good Protestants, we would go to church on Easter… if the weather was good.Yesterday in the grocery store there were two women shopping together with big, black dots on their foreheads. It took me a second to remember, but eventually it all came back!

  2. >Do you think it might be yo homee? or yo homey? 🙂 we should ask the Fresh Prince…Congrats on your Lenten journey… Chad is giving up soda as well. We were very bad and took a night at home as a family, instead of a night at church as a family… don’t tell!!! But, I love the time leading up to Easter, and Easter Sunday. It is so beautiful!!

  3. >Wow. I am proud of you. And I’m glad to know that it’s only for 40 days and not for the rest of your life (that would make me sad). And then who would be my coke with a lime partner? Good luck!

  4. >I think that’s great that you’re observing Lent. Two of my sisters (the pious ones) have been doing it together the past few years; sugar is their sacrifice. I think it would be interesting to know what different things would give up. My personal indulgence would have to be the frozen yogurt from Trader Joe’s. Good luck!

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