WA is finally for lovers!

it has been two and a half years. two and a half years of pining. pining for cherry blossoms, battlefields, monumental structures, historic soil, familiar trails, highways and bridges. it surprises me what triggers a pang of saudade.

outkast’s hey ya. crab cakes. h & m. postal service’s the district sleeps alone tonight. visits to ikea. newscasts. mango salsa cous cous. car dancing. walking through the sliding doors of dsw. sushi.

i intensely yearn for the unattainable. it is no surprise how completely and successfully i block out the bad as i embellish my life in the district. the humidity suddenly less oppressive. the beltway gridlock forgotten. the unnecessary heartaches buried.

just as hard as i fell for dc, i became enamored with virginia. i still miss my commonwealth license plate along with my potomac river and shenandoah valley. i even miss my red chair. my $10 red chair from craigslist that katharine and i drove so far to get. who misses a $10 red chair?

there i lived next to water and crossed over water. here, i am surrounded by even more water. i cross a bridge daily. but it is different. and, in small moments, i still pine.

today i fell in love with arlington all over again. first i watched this rap* (thank you kate!) later in the day, i was reunited with grease soaked brown sacks spilling salty fries of perfection. my first trip to 5 guys, i was accompanied by a senator’s son. here i was six years later and 5 guys found me, even though i’m in the wrong washington.

christian was jealous.

about the french fries… not the senator’s son.

*in case you’re wondering – i worked in rosslyn, lived between courthouse and clarendon
and ate at rio grande in ballston, basically i was the original gangster.

9 thoughts on “WA is finally for lovers!

  1. >Hooray for 5 Guys!! Though I've realized that seeing potatoes from home (ID) isn't nearly as exciting when you're in an adjacent state, but the fries still taste just as good!I get the same nostalgia for DC, somehow forgetting 1 1/2 hour commutes, melting, and expensive prices!

  2. >Ok, somehow I thought I had commented on here yesterday…Anyway, YEA YOU'RE BACK!!! I'm so happy. And with a post about 5 Guys? Classic. 5 Guys has made it's way down here to Atlanta and it is beyond yummy. Welcome back to Blogland!

  3. >you almost made me cry thinking of all the stuff i'm going to miss when i move… then i read the stuff you forget about – dried up the tears right away!

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