on my 12th birthday i received my first cassette tapes. paula abdul’s forever your girl and the cocktail soundtrack with kokomo.

possibly the best music video ever was paula abdul dancing with mc skat kat for opposites attract. i think i totally get that song now more than ever (well except for the part where skat kat likes to smoke, gross!).

i am rice, christian is pasta. i am third world africa and latin america; he is refined europe, but mostly rome. he is ski, i am dance. i am documentaries and npr; he is espn and sports center. i am post/folk/indie-rock; he is brit rock. he is competitive, i am not. i am basketball, he is football. i am tetris, he is mario kart. i am caution/pansy chicken, christian is adventure.

in the past 24 hours i’ve been torn twice.

first, the sounders fc vs. dc united game last night. i really didn’t know who to cheer for. my first professional soccer game was a dc united game. but the sounders have such great uniforms. and each goal, three, elicited fireworks and sparkly confetti that flitted through the air. plus we were sitting in club seats. it doesn’t get much better than that. did i mention we attended the game with the governor? well she was about 10 seats away, one row down, across the aisle… but you get the picture. at the end of the game dc was dragging it out and their goalie took his sweet time getting the ball into play. he’d alternate between adjusting his socks or his shorts. an agitated fan threw a thirst buster sized drink on him. christian thought he deserved it. guess what i thought?

second, the confederação brasileira de futebol played the u.s. national team in a confederation cup match this morning. let me tell you those brazilians have some fancy footwork. and don’t even get me started on their amazing uniforms! so yes, i cheered. i cheered hard for my adopted pátria amada. i even wore the colors to prove it.

according to christian, that makes him a patriot and me a traitor. i can live with that. it ain’t fiction, just a natural fact, we come together cuz opposites attract.


6 thoughts on “torn.

  1. >I will not rest until Poland wins the World Cup! And how did you get to be such a pansy when your dad is a crazed martial artist with countless firearms? Besides, you have always been competitive or you wouldn't have let all the big girls knock you around in basketball (and then knock them back) and you most certainly wouldn't have run cross country in Phoenix in the HEAT!

  2. >My first tapes were Paula's tape and Milli Vanilli (sp?). The first music video I remember is the Opposites Attract!!! Ahhh…those were the days, except for Milli….

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