an aspect of the northwest i have yet to embrace is the vivid time change. we plunge into darkness during the four o’clock hour. dark commutes meet constant rain and i find myself sitting, motionless on a bridge. eight miles slowly become 60 minutes. last night i sat on that bridge, as reports poured in of a denser darkness engulfing millions of brazilians.

these past few weeks there has been darkness of a different kind. 13 dead at fort hood. rising death tolls in el salvador, vietnam and the philippines. a massively deadly car bomb in pakistan. a seattle police officer gunned down on halloween just blocks from our apartment.

last night i found myself focused on the execution of john allen muhammad. throughout the day i had constantly thought about what this partial ending to another dark episode would mean. sitting in traffic i heard his time of death pronounced. 9:11 pm eastern time. i was relieved. surprised by my relief as 23-hundred miles and seven years separated me. relieved in a bizarre way that maybe only those who lived through the dc sniper shootings of 2002 could be.


4 thoughts on “darkness.

  1. >dark at 4:00?? That's crazy. I remember as a little girl in northern California, having to go to bed when it was still light in the summer. There is something so unnatural about daylight savings time.Did you live in DC during those sniper shootings? scary.

  2. >You're back! Hooray!It was a shock to come home from church today in almost total darkness. I guess it gets dark here about 5:30. We hadn't even thought about turning on the porch light since we left the house just after noon.Hope all is going well.

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