just after thanksgiving i was at our safeway. i parked my car in the garage and smiled when i heard gnarls barkley playing on the intercom. as i walked to the elevator i noticed a man quicken his step a little behind me. i held the elevator for him and the doors closed. i expected anti-social elevator behavior to ensue, where we each ignore the other person exists in that tiny space, but to my surprise i faintly heard him singing along. “come on now who do you, who do you, who do you, who do you think you are? ha, ha, ha bless your soul…” he trailed off and caught my eye. i smiled really big and told him i liked that song too. “i know, right? man i really dig that song. it makes me happy!” he said. and with that jubilant testimony the elevator doors opened and he headed towards the produce while i grabbed a shopping cart. he turned back to me and wished me a nice day and i truly felt like he meant it.

things i dig right now: the graveyard book by neil gaiman strict joy by the swell season fantastic mr. fox, the movie friday (my entertainment weekly arrives) charlie and lola (must have all books!) puff pastry the library the promise of mexico…

4 thoughts on “dig.

  1. >I'm always telling people that I "dig" stuff. I think that because I'm a white girl and not very urban that it sounds ridiculous. But that's not going to stop me.

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