{an act of human kindness} 

yesterday i waited in line with my boss at starbucks. we were purchasing the annual holiday gift cards for our office to give to those with whom we work closely. we arrived just as three policemen walked in. they stood in front of us, suited up head to toe in black. their chests bulged with their hidden body armor. their heads and hands braced against the 20 degree weather we are suffering, while they placed their orders to warm up. 

my boss stepped forward, tapped one of the officers, and then said he’d be buying their coffee.

one by one they realized what he was offering. gratitude shown in their faces as if they were being given much more than coffee… and i believe they were. our area has been rocked by police targeted violence. today four officers were remembered. four officers who lost their lives as they did the same ordinary errand.

today’s ordinary errand turned hallowed by way of a selfless mitzvah.


6 thoughts on “mitzvah.

  1. >Beautifully posted, as usual. I listened to a report on NPR about the Seattle shootings, and the people on the street expressed horror and shame and disgust. They believed their city was better than that, and were broken-hearted to be collectively assaulted by this mindless tragedy.

  2. >I was "blog hopping" and happened on yours, and am reading the archives. As the wife of a Sheriff's Deputy in California, I just want to say thank you. It makes me feel much better about letting my husband leave the house each day, to know that there are people out there that still respect and care about Law enforcement officers.Thank you.

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