¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

we wish you the best in 2010!
please don’t be fooled by our lack of christmas card & letter,
we were definitely thinking of you.
we were wishing you a very merry christmas from seattle.
we even meant to send you a card, well, an e-card.
we just got a little sidetracked by a neighboring country to the south.

top 10 reasons you should consider cheering in the new year (& an anniversary) at a mexican resort:

  1. listening to the ocean under a full moon
  2. snazzily dressed mariachis serenading you
  3. all the 2010 hats and noisemakers you could want
  4. watching great shows like iCarly being broadcast by the projector before the mexican station count down takes over
  5. resort staff trying to dance with you while you are dancing with your husband
  6. drinking as much mysterious jugo verde as you like – it is apparently good for your “livers”
  7. dancing in a conga line headed up by brasilian drummers
  8. a mexican rock band playing great american covers like, “heeeet me witch your best e-shot!” and other favorites like, “e-sweet home ah-lah-baaaa-mah”
  9. getting a bag of grapes* and then throwing those grapes at the champagne tower**
  10. being dowsed in champagne at midnight – really, it is awesome***

*traditionally each person eats twelve grapes before midnight, making a wish with each grape.
**i did not throw my grapes, but the same cannot be said for everyone in our family. some grapes may have even made contact with the champagne tower.

***i actually ran screaming in the opposite direction of the dousing but still came under fire.


8 thoughts on “¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

  1. >You two are so hilarious. Your blogs are great fun…wish we could all hang out sometime. Looks like your anniversary was slammin'! (that's right slammin'!)

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