patty melt my heart.

i love everything about diners. i love french fries and onion rings. i love milkshakes. i love eating breakfast with hash browns, extra crispy bacon, toast and fountain pop. but mostly, i really love patty melts.

when your anniversary lands between christmas and new years the celebration gets a little overshadowed. the morning of the 29th christian surprised me with tickets (tickets! i love tickets!) to cirque de soleil. which i also love.

we waited six months to cash in those tickets – so it was fun to celebrate our anniversary away from all other festivities. christian warned me we’d be eating greasy that night and my response was, “will there be patty melts!?” he just laughed.

sure enough we strolled into a cute diner sporting a big patty melt on the menu. topped off with fries and a fountain pop it was almost enough to forgive him for his next plan. being the cheapskate he is, he had scouted out where we could park without paying and walk 1/2 mile to the show.

not only did i get a patty melt that night, but it also started raining. he parked a little bit closer than planned.


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