missed calls.

normally when i have this many missed phone calls the screen shows a number that can be tied to beira, mozambique. this time it was murland calling.

since i’ve kept my 202 area code (i already gave up virginia i’m not about to lose my grip on dc) a few times a month if i have missed calls from 301, 540, 240 or 703 it’s a sure bet they’re wrong numbers. on a rare occasion i get voicemails from these wrong callers. june 7th proved to leave me a gem of a message:

“marcus, what in the hell. . . is going on?”

“marcus, i am really surprised. why in the hell don’t you think you can give us a call back and be responsible for your dumb sh*t? gimme a call man, gaddongit i’m waiting on my d*mn food!”

i sure hope marcus gets his act together and takes care of his dumb sh*t. especially since his friend is waiting on his food! that’s just wrong!


3 thoughts on “missed calls.

  1. >you are still getting calls from mozambique!??!?! crazy! that seem like so long ago. remember when we tried time and time again to create a "professional" sounding voicemail message to try to scare him away? guess we weren't professional enough.

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