dear america’s test kitchen,

when my friend shauna told me i had to buy your book i believed her. shauna knows what she’s talking about in the bakery department. not only did we purchase the family baking book, but i also got the family cookbook. shauna said any recipe you make using your recipes turns out just like you say it will. since i’ve followed many a recipe with less then perfect results, i was a little skeptical.

i like to blame our oven. i want to throw it out the window. it cooks too hot, it doesn’t close all the way, it burns the top but the middle is raw… you get the picture. but more often than not it really comes down to a crummy recipe.

i surveyed your pages of what you offered and appreciated all the tips from dozens of tests – your suggestions for number one appliance or gadget are great, and even better is when you give the top “economical” pick. i’ve put your recipes to the test myself (LOVE monkey bread!)

last week you came to the rescue again. my little sister was craving macaroni and cheese – and when we didn’t have her staple kraft in stock – i opened my trusty family cookbook. with a hungry 16 year old i opted for your fast creamy mac ‘n’ cheese on the stove top. it turned out delicious – although i mixed in half the ingredients from the next recipe over, is that allowed? who knew evaporated milk could do the trick! i had equally good results making brownies from scratch with peanut butter in the middle.

i admit we all fat-dogged* it a bit after that bowl of pasta, butter, milk and cheese – but it was worth every bite!


maybe i’ll keep my craptastic oven a little bit longer

*the act of lying on the floor or bed or reclining on the couch after a large meal in which one has pigged out, much like a dog lying lethargically, belly up. sure-fire “fat-dog” inducing meals include thanksgiving, buffets or any meal consumed while ravenous.


4 thoughts on “dear america’s test kitchen,

  1. >Okay, apparently I have been totally missing out on your blog posts but- YOUR WELCOME and I also have a new food porn site:, please try not to roll up in a ball and die from pleasure!

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