sweat shop enchiladas.

a long time ago after we had each finished our summer internships i moved in with a dreamy roommate in crystal city. we shared a room and a closet and lots and lots of laughs. especially when i caught her doing her middle of the night mischief. it usually followed a candy-filled holiday like halloween or easter. ashlee was sure to have a stash of candy near her bed – and she never hesitated to eat it in the middle of the night! i’d lay there pretending to be asleep – but i couldn’t resist catching her in the act as i’d hear her carefully unwrap the crinkly foil.

we took a road trip through the northeast – we got our history on in boston, saw light houses, ate at the first ben & jerry’s and even visited joseph smith’s birth place. another road trip took us to hershey park as we car-danced to outkast. (i mistakenly thought hershey park was filled with chocolate – much like willie wonka’s chocolate factory.)

ashlee would entertain me for hours with her stories about a certain singing senator she worked for and the characters she’d meet. but through it all, mostly, i owe ashlee an apology. while living with her i earned the nickname of “kitch” since i was apparently controlling in the kitchen. i also ran several cooking sweatshops specializing in enchiladas and sugar cookies which ashlee had no choice but to be a part of.

years passed, we moved on. meeting up for sushi dates in california and utah. and with just two months notice, ashlee was at my wedding. spending the night with my sisters and i and fixing my hair at the last minute. that is the kind of friend she is.

last month ashlee became some one’s wifey. i cried. okay, i actually bawled. i didn’t cry at my own wedding and here i was, sitting in a white folding chair on a beautiful farm, utah’s mountains as the backdrop and the warm summer all around us – crying, for my friend. who looked beautiful and so happy. in that instant i realized what it feels like to love someone so much that their happiness spills over and fills you with joy.

luckily matt is a good sport and played kissy face for the camera.

Ashlee scored my “sweatshop enchilada” recipe. I’m pretty sure it was the best wedding present ever.


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