1991 called,

and apparently it doesn’t want its acne back.

there are a lot of things you share with sisters – clothes, dance moves, hairbrushes, jewelry, beds, food, laughs, smiles… but when the age gap between you and your sister spans 16 years, you don’t expect to share pimple woes.

as a 32 year old, rather than commiserate with your 16 year old sister, you’d like to give her hope. tell her that one day her face will clear up, it won’t always be this bad, or this embarrassing. unfortunately my past few months of breakouts have only terrified her. solidifying her fate to have zits even in her 30s.

gratefully i don’t have better documentation of my early 90s skin mess. let’s just say that if profile pictures were taken, my nose could be mistaken for the wicked witch of the west due to the protruding growth. without fail the zit would return to the same spot. no cover up could hide something that large.

rachel, at least you have much better hair going for you. much, much better hair!

2 thoughts on “1991 called,

  1. >Don't you sometimes want to track down the "maturation class" person and ask them why they would be so cruel to let us think that acne "will disappear after puberty- around 17-18." Ha Ha Ha I wish. I hope you are having a great time!

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