since when is goo goo dolls classic rock?

yesterday i was driving christian’s car instead of mine, so i couldn’t finish my last cd of uncle tom’s cabin. as i drove i aimlessly searched the radio and somewhere in the middle of 520 i stopped and sang along to slide.

i admit i really liked the goo goo dolls. i had three of their cds. i thought iris and slide were really dreamy songs and i’d fantasize about someone feeling that way about me one day. but let’s remember, it was the late 90s. not the 60s or 70s. and according to wikipedia (which we know is a totally credible source) classic rock stops in the early 80s with only a few mid-80 outliers. who knows – maybe since goo goo dolls started in the mid-80s they pass as the classic rock outlier. or maybe i was listening to a station that plays classic hits which apparently grandfathers in music from just 10 years ago.

all i know is that when i heard the radio station jingle after my performance of car singing i felt old, stunned and confused all at the same time. i feel even older that i tease rachel for repeatedly belting out eminem’s song i’m not afraid. have you seen the video? it is pretty lame! but she loves it – and i guess that’s what the kids are in to these days.

i’ll just go hum blame it on the rain to myself in the corner. now that’s classic.


3 thoughts on “classic?

  1. >Do you watch Glee? Remember the episode when Rachel said to the paralyzed guy, "Let's sing some classic rock," and then sang a U2 song…. I was very confused by such a thing. But Goo Goo Dolls!? I guess the 90's were 20 years ago…. Yikes.

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