do you have something you really miss? a tangible thing that you sold somewhere in your past or maybe dropped off at goodwill before your next move? you probably thought you didn’t need it… only to find that years later you still scour craigslist hoping it will magically re-appear?

for me, it was my red chair. a $10 red chair that swiveled.

it was also a handy clothing sorter. while i lived in harrisonburg i started a nasty habit on monday morning of taking off my suit and draping it over the red chair. every morning when i got home another suit would promptly join the first. five days of clothes pile up and make for an hour (at least) of clean up on saturday. but i didn’t mind.

despite leaving my red chair behind, my clothes-piling habit has followed me to seattle. i like to blame it on the fact that my closet is a small, tight, hard to get in to space and my dresser drawers are already too full… but clearly i must just be lazy. christian is pretty meticulous with his clothing. shoes, shirts, pants, all make it back to their assigned positions while mine grow into tiny hills in the the corners of our bedroom.

last week he asked me to check my closet. he wanted to see if i noticed anything. i stared suspiciously, half-expecting to find that once again he had snuck something of his into my closet for storage. but nothing looked out of place. i did however realize that i had a lot of black shirts.
he couldn’t believe how unobservant i was. “i put all your clothes away!” he said exasperated, “and, i organized your shirts by color.”

of course he did. because what else is there for a house-husband to do after he’s done all of his other chores!?

don’t tell him, but my skirt from yesterday is on the floor…


7 thoughts on “house-husband.

  1. >Ha ha Bidee that 's the first thing I noticed when I saw the picture; color-arrangement. "One of these things is not like the other, one of these things is not the same…"

  2. >What a lot of pretty colors! If you look in my closet I have blues, purples, some pinks, and some yellows. Not much variety. You certainly are blessed with a handy husband!

  3. >Man, I left town for the weekend and came back to more clothes left out than put away. Looks like Christian has some teaching to do with Ben. Though I do recall Christian being a Nazi with the dishes while they lived together. It's just in his blood to be organized and tidy I guess.

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