take a look, it’s in a book.

who knew me mentioning a book last entry would make you all cling to that rather than the very deep commentary on how familiar we all get at the beauty shop.

i guess i need to re-work my future thesis statements rather than expending time on ancillary details!

never fear – i’m bringing back a much loved and much missed staple for your viewing pleasure.

as you know reading rainbow always has a theme – in this episode we’ll be diving into books about africans, african-americans, slavery and wishing you were black. but you don’t have to take my word for it!

i’m down by mishna wolff
HIGH-larious. a must listen book. i say listen, because you have to hear the book read by its author. only she can do justice to her white-but-wanna-be-black dad’s inflection. some of the things in this book are too good to be true, but living just blocks from where she grew up, and being the same age really helped me somewhat feel like i was living her life as she spoke.
(5 rainbows)

say you’re one of them by uwem akpan
you may not know this about me – but i’m a sucker for all things africa. this collection of short stories is better for a listen so you can take in the accent. while akpan is no alan paton or chinua achebe he still gives you a glimpse into another world that i really love.
(3 rainbows)


uncle tom’s cabin by harriet beecher stowe
how did i never read this in school? if i were giving out rainbows for writing ability alone, stowe would receive 10 rainbows. her writing is beautiful, eloquent and captivating. it truly feels like you are reading art. however, i gravitated to tom’s story line best.
(3 rainbows)

the book of night women by marlon james
must listen to this on cd. the dialect would be very hard to comprehend if just reading. i caught on quickly by listening. this book is graphic, violent, disturbing and the language is extremely crude. definitely not for everyone – but i appreciated it because it opened me up to haiti, a country i never really thought about until this year’s devastating earthquake.
(3 rainbows)

the help by kathryn stockett
quick read. i must have been in a fatalistic mood after reading the three previous books because i really expected more chaos to befall our main characters. i really enjoyed all the characters and the realness of the story as we peered in to the historical fiction landscape. while i liked this book quite a bit – i wouldn’t add it to my all time love love love book list.
(4 rainbows)

up next: who knew at some subconscious level i was a sci-fi junkie? maybe my love of the time quartet should have tipped me off. i broke down and bought mockingjay at costco this week instead of patiently waiting my turn in a very, very long library line. i also finished ender’s game today. i know, i know, “that’s so 1985, where has robin been?” you say. to be honest, i thought the series would be too nerdy for me – but i’m kind of diggin’ ender and his game. i’ll see you next time.


6 thoughts on “take a look, it’s in a book.

  1. >Love Ender's game, its a cult classic. My brother is even thinking of naming his future some Ender (but it would probably have to be the youngest one now that I think about it)

  2. >1. Love the reviews! I can add these to my list now. 2. I just got Mockingjay too – about to start it on my flight tonight. Yay!3. We read Ender's Game for book club a few months ago and I was skeptical of the SciFi book, but I loved it! 4. Your shirt is adorable 🙂

  3. >The Help was a good audiobook. The different readers that read the different narrators were great.Ender's Game is definitely classic, I enjoyed most of the series (and parallel series), but it gets really nerdy, sci-fi the more you get into it, so you might want to stop now. 🙂

  4. >I read Uncle Tom's Cabin in high school and sobbed through the entire thing. I learned later that calling someone an Uncle Tom became really derogatory in the Civil Rights Movement–African Americans used it to mean someone who was subservient to whites. Loved the list. And the cute haircut.

  5. >I totally have to laugh! Guess what I'm reading right now? Ender's game – glad to know someone else is a little slow too 🙂 Robert's reading one of my favs and I'm reading one of his…nice, huh?

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