yesterday christian and i were discussing groceries. at one point i mentioned i couldn’t buy bread because we didn’t have room in the freezer. christian pondered why we never have room in the chest freezer. i started to explain to him exactly why there is never room and why the contents seem to be static.

currently we have 6 cartons of ice cream, 2 boxes of pudding pops, packages of reese’s peanut butter cups and cadbury eggs (from easter) not to mention the ever present supply of costco burritos and mini pizzas. i told him that he needs to eat things out of the bottom of the freezer rather than always eating the mini pizzas and then re-stocking said mini pizzas.

half way through my lecture he cut me off laughing and said, “you are talking to me like i am a child!”

and he has a point. his love of pudding pops and cheese pizza just seal the deal. and judging by his birthday bashes you’d have to agree. last year was everything lego.

when i asked the the guy in the lego store where i could find lego party supplies he asked, “oh, how old is your son?” christian and i shared a quick glance and i mumbled something in response so lego-guy could give me his recommendations.

this year we went for mario brothers, and i still have to wonder if i am married to a three year old or a 32 year old manchild who apparently wears his special birthday shirt every year!


5 thoughts on “manchild.

  1. >Oh Christian. Don't worry, Ben still eats chimichangas and mini pizzas and brings them to work. It does not surprise me the least bit that Christian had a Mario themed birthday. Though I will say that Ethan would probably love a party like that… and he's 2. Ethan still insists that we are naming baby sister "Baby Mario" and that she is going to come out with a mustache and hat with an "M" on it.

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