future farm-family of america.

two years ago we went to the fair. if you remember, i was all about the food and c-biscuit was all about the animals. not much has changed in two years. i bee-lined for food upon food booth, weighing my options. i really wanted salty but when a man walked by with an elephant ear i knew i had to make a few adjustments. we settled on sharing a cheeseburger and fries so that i wouldn’t feel bad eating about 3/4 of the elephant ear covered in more butter and cinnamon sugar than i thought possible. licking my fingers i thought how it was almost as good as honey and powdered sugar covered indian fry bread.

after that we meandered through the grounds stopping by all the animal exhibits… zedonk, quail, pygmy goats, turkeys, yaks… a giant horse lay sleeping. i thought something was wrong, or maybe she was pregnant. no, just lazy. her owner said the horse thinks it is a dog. she takes naps every chance she gets.

it was getting late as we walked in to the livestock barn many of the animals were already fed, cleaned and wearing their little night coats to keep them presentable. one little boy in boots asked if i had any questions. i looked up at his poster board hanging above the stall and saw his ribbons. i asked about his animals and he proudly answered. he was going to show one tomorrow. we moved on to the next set of kids, waiting, patiently for someone to show an interest. i decided to talk to each of them.

they were so incredibly cute with their napoleon dynamite-esque attire and belt buckles. they came from north bend, chehalis and even further. they explained they camp near the fairgrounds. for some this is their third fair this year. we learned how to keep wool shiny and soft and how to lead a show animal out for inspection. i equally found myself falling in love with them as much as their livestock.

on the other aisle over a sweet little girl shooed her little sister away so she could hear our questions. another boy was trimming his goat’s wool coat. outside other animals were showered and dried and then walked back to their stalls for the night.

after almost giving up, i finally found the pig palace. two large mama pigs lay exhausted and immovable while nearly a dozen piglets a piece fought for sustenance. i watched them for a long time before declaring that i wanted a farm. not just a farm, i wanted cute farm kids that work hard and are polite and don’t care about style. while i was at it, i put in an order for a goat, a pig and several bunnies.

after a long pause c-biscuit informed me i wasn’t cut out for farm work. apparently i am more of the city pip squeak variety.


2 thoughts on “future farm-family of america.

  1. >If, by chance, you do get your farm, can I send my kids there each summer to be worked to the bone, learn some manners and responsibility? I super want a farm just for those reasons. But, I want to live in a house far away, so I don't have to smell it.OH, and I also want to order a giant garden, that my kids can also weed and pick. Does it work like this? I'm afraid I'm too much of a city pip squeak, too. I need my Target.

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