one day.

i have a spiral bound notebook tucked away. it is pretty ordinary looking. i call it my one day book. saved and glued inside are magazine clippings, ideas and pictures. all things i either want to do, make or have one day. i have teasingly started referring to my one day house that will be equipped with a washer and dryer, two sinks in the bathroom, an island in the kitchen and storage. see, my one day desires aren’t too lofty.

recently my dad sent me a package filled with old school projects. the majority were journal entries and poems scrawled on that brownish-lined grade school paper to help you write in cursive. i really should look in to getting a publisher for some of these –

one little homemade book really caught my eye. it was a fairytale i wrote and dedicated to my mom on her 30th birthday. i am not sure what shocked me more, that my mom was only 30 when i was 9 1/2 or that i am over 30 and don’t have any little people writing me notes. i thought this excerpt was most telling about my future one day book demands:

this past week i was babysitting for my friend. while i pushed the little brother, the big sister pedaled past me on her bike. she explained how she had $68 from selling little rings and that she was saving to buy a car and a house one day. i asked her to clarify, thinking maybe the car and house were of the miniature, play version. nope. the car would be a car she would drive and the house would be a house to live in.

i asked her how much more money she needed to get this house. she paused, looking up at the sky, with one leg bracing the weight of the bike. “probably $100 more.” i covered up my smile at the thought of this little girl concerned for her future and dedicated to securing a whopping $168 for her home one day.

there’s more. she’d already worked out that she wanted to have a boat as well one day and that she’d probably need a second car if she had a husband. the solution? the husband would bring a boat and an additional car to the relationship. oh, and the husband would sleep on the boat. pleased with her plan, she zoomed off into the sunset. i yelled after her, questioning why the husband would sleep on the boat. she looked at me like i was crazy and emphatically said she didn’t want to live with a stranger.

i can’t wait to see her one day book come to life. i actually think her husband on the boat set up might not be that bad… just kidding husband!


8 thoughts on “one day.

  1. >I love your story. Are you going to share how old you were when you wrote it? (I don't know the math to figure out when your mom was 30!) You certainly had a lovely dream house all picked out. Maybe I can come visit you there one day.

  2. >A prince with long red hair and a big "porche"? Brilliant. He sounds like my kind of dream man too. And – yeah. Ditto on that "wait a second, I was around on my mom's 30th birthday" thing.

  3. >This summer when I was super stressed about finding a place to live in L.A., I had a dream that we found a beautiful apartment with a washer and dryer. And then when I told Chris about it I realized it was a little sad that I didn't dream bigger. Really, the most I could come up with was an apartment? The biggest luxury a washer and dryer? I love that you get it. Love the post.

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