it started with a mix tape.

the sob by david alfaro siqueiros

not the romantic, relationship type. just a friend mix tape that matt made for me during high school.

it was loaded with christian rock that i had never really been exposed to. being a christian of the lds variety, culturally we are pretty set with our own arm of entertainment (a la saturday’s warrior, the forgotten carols, efy soundtracks…) christian will attest to the fact of my bottomless repertoire of mormon tunes.

however, until i heard that mix tape, i did not know christian music could rock. filled with jars of clay, dc talk, michael w. smith and steven curtis chapman i was musically born again. that explains why the no.6 radio button in my car is preset to spirit 105.3.

while driving to work during a particularly hard few weeks months, i heard this song, and i was grateful all over again for matt’s mix tape.

i will lift my eyes to the Maker of the mountains i can’t climb.
i will lift my eyes to the Calmer, of the oceans raging wild.
i will life my eyes, to the Healer, of the hurt i hold inside.
~bebo norman


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