flynn rider.

a few weeks ago i attended the last activity with my youth group. it was just the oldest girls. they wanted to do their own thing, something different. we decided a movie night was in order. to make it even better, tangled was playing at a discount theater. we were so there.

what happened next was very unexpected.

did you know you can almost get kicked out of a movie theater because of 17 and 18 year-olds?

without warning a commotion began from the row behind us where the girls were sitting. i’ve never heard pop corn eaten that loudly! while they shared their surplus of buttery, salty goodness, the bags crinkled in what seemed like surround sound.

it was hilarious.

well, it was hilarious when we weren’t getting crusty looks from the dad two rows in front with his little girls trying to enjoy the movie.

as the movie progresses, flynn rider makes his entrance. he was cute enough. no big deal. and then, it happened. the peanut popcorn gallery behind me got louder. if that was even possible. not so muffled giggles and amplified whispers began echoing through the room:

“doesn’t that look like robin’s husband!?”

“oh my gosh! that’s totally robin’s husband!”

robin, doesn’t that look just like christian?”

it’s totally christian!”

crusty dad in front and grouchy lady next to us put on their most intimidating glares. i sunk lower in my seat pretending i was at the movie alone.

when i got home i informed christian of the shenanigans.

it appears, he doesn’t agree with the girls.


4 thoughts on “flynn rider.

  1. i have so much to say about all your new posts. but for now just want to say i’m glad you’re back. i’ve missed your thoughts. 🙂

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