good (friendly) friday.

my first day back at work after christmas was rough.

we both had just had an entire week off which normally would be amazing, but i had just felt really alone. we were sticking to a tighter budget and had no plans to go anywhere. plus, who can top last year’s christmas break? as much as i love my flynn rider, a week cooped up in a small apartment would make anyone antsy.

more than anything i think i really needed a change.

four years was the longest i’d ever been in one place, at the same job, in the same ward and living with the same roommate in the same apartment. (and let’s face it, my roommate and i are kind of stuck with each other!) so i headed in to work that january morning less than enthusiastic, and quickly, it veered into one of those days where you hide in the bathroom and cry and consider running to your car and driving home never to return.

since fleeing wasn’t really an option – i hatched a plan. a friendly friday plan. i compiled little known facts about each of my coworkers and found corresponding gifts ranging from the home-made variety to $3 tops. i made a schedule, and every friday a different co-worker would be the target.

my whole focus changed.

someone once said in a church lesson that we do a good job of caring for one another and offering relief and service around the milestones associated with life; death, birth, illness, marriage… but it’s the small, oft-times insignificant barricades that we so easily overlook. it’s the wrestling we do privately that no one ever sees. it’s in those dark hours we need someone to strengthen our weak hands and confirm our feeble knees.

miraculously, friendly friday did that for me.

as i prepared to surprise a different co-worker weekly, i looked forward to friday. i thought about them throughout the week and began liking, if not loving, them on a different level. i anticipated their response of thanks addressed to the entire office.

in a small way i was putting off darkness for light.


6 thoughts on “good (friendly) friday.

  1. That’s lovely. It reminds me of Christmas a year ago. I was feeling stressed and tired and cranky. One of my friends kindly and a bit hesitantly suggested that I think of others, do some service, whatever. My first reaction was: all I ever do all day long is take care of people!! I need less, not more! But I followed the advice and we did the 12 days of Christmas for a single mother in the neighborhood, and sure enough, in one of those great mysteries of humanity, my mood improved drastically.

    (I should do more of that!!)

  2. I have been trying to do this with our ward change- it has been so hard and we feel out of place in so many ways. We decided to move out of our comfort zone and randomly visit families in the “other half” of our new ward. It has been fun to do and we feel like we know a few more faces at church. I keep waiting for things to get better fast (compared to real problems a ward split seems so petty)- but I think it will be one visit at a time over a long period that finally make things better.

  3. I am so fortunate to work with you. More so, to call you my friend. You inspire me more than you’ll ever know. (And you make me laugh really hard.)

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