worthy is the lamb.

at the end of my mission our president challenged us to read the book of mormon in three months while focusing on four aspects of christ. each topic was assigned a different color for marking. i returned home with a book of mormon filled with orange [teachings of christ], blue [characteristics of christ], red [prophesies of christ] and yellow [names of christ].

my littlest sister was curious about the colors. within a few weeks i had armed her with a yellow pencil and explained that she could highlight all the names of jesus. she quickly spotted names like savior, redeemer, comforter and shepherd. one day she found me and questioningly pointed to a single word.


is jesus a lamb? she asked. it was shocking to me how clearly a six-year-old had understood the symbolism.

even as i woke up early this morning to make a treat for christian from the easter bunny, i remembered what this day really meant. i love easter for its pastel colors, baby chicks and bunnies. but i love easter even more for the overlooked power those painted eggs hold. they represent life, rebirth and transformation.

listen and then watch.


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