so we kind of bought a house.

that’s the way i broke the news to my hr lady when i needed help getting documents to process our loan. she asked how you kind of buy a house. it’s a good question. no one really knew we were looking. christian’s mom generously encouraged us both verbally and financially. and it just kind of happened.

in november we actually put an offer on a different home. while walking through that home for the second time the realtor flippantly said it would be a great starter home that we could sell in five years. i was stunned. i told him my family had moved frequently and never owned a home. this wasn’t a step i’d take lightly.

for some reason i have felt a tremendous amount of guilt associated with the process.

buying your first house should be exciting. instead i find myself avoiding divulging too many details and when i do, i almost explain, apologetically, the how’s and why’s. not wanting to make someone feel badly or less than. not wanting to flaunt anything. knowing full well that not everyone can just buy a house.

and so it was that we discussed possibilities. researched school districts. narrowed down preferences. searched in cities we deemed acceptable and then redirected the search south where less money bought you more.

we eventually visited a foundation that would become our home.

all the while a memorial day move seemed far enough away that i didn’t mention the developments to my family, or anyone really. i continued to be weighed down by guilt.

the sunday i was released as the young women president i realized i probably needed to break the moving news to the girls on top of everything else.

that night at 10:30pm my phone rang. it was my little sisters.

“are you guys moving or something!?”

turns out i underestimated the power of facebook. the boys in my ward were the ones to spill the beans. one of them messaged rachel with something like, “dude, sister markanich is moving! how does this affect your summer plans!?” rachel asked me awesome questions like what the weather was like in maple valley and if she’d have to fly in to a different airport this summer.

apparently, 24 miles deep into the heart of suburbia is a hard thing to grasp. but i get it, it seems so close and yet so very far away. most of the time it just seems surreal, even as the boxes pile up around us.

i still can’t believe that we kind of bought a house.


11 thoughts on “so we kind of bought a house.

  1. HOOORAY!!! I’m more than kind of excited for you guys. Congrats on being homeowners. Jealous that you can paint that thing any color you want and put holes in walls anywhere you feel like it.

  2. of course you two deserve this exciting step in your lives! and such a beautiful investment, too–we love craftsman style! good luck on your move–hopefully you have enough room for all of christian’s…stuff…

  3. I have been quite out of it lately, but this is fantastic! I am so happy for you – though a bit sad I won’t see you back on the east coast more permanently…

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