wedding flowers.

last week we went with some friends to a mariners game. we met up at christian’s old house where his roommate still lives and were reminded that we got engaged in that very house. it was late on october 13 and i’d just landed in seattle for my first time. we got to the house and tulips surrounded us.

he handed me a little critter book called “just a secret.” i was excited to have another book for my collection but he had to prompt me to actually read it. turns out he’d photo shopped in different text and done an awesome job at the kinko’s on broadway remaking the entire book.

little critter’s secret was that he had to ask robin a question.

it was funny being in that house, and remembering that moment. when i requested tulips as my flower for a december wedding i was promptly told that would not be possible. and then my cousin came to the rescue. she ordered tulips, ironically, from washington state. my yearly excursion to the skagit valley tulip festival has much more significance.

it also seemed appropriate that i admired my tulips the same morning as the royal wedding.


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