boating day.

five years ago i noticed a row of boats and yachts all dressed up with flags. they were lined up side by side on lake washington. traffic on the 520 bridge slowed to a halt. the next day i headed to the university district unawares and was stuck in traffic for hours.  that was the only time the opening day of boating caught me by surprise.

saturday we ran down to the montlake bridge and found a spot on the edge of portage bay. we watched the crew teams race. the fire boats shot giant streams of water as the canons fired and the husky band played. it was a very seattle activity, one i know i will miss. i keep promising myself that the city won’t be that far away once we move and that it will be no problem to just head downtown for things like this… we shall see.

to document the day i seized a photo opportunity with two cute sailors. the younger and more sketchy of the two said, ‘only if you stand in the middle!’ he then slipped his arm around my waist and squeezed. i’m pretty sure that smile i’m making is one of creeped out shock. i asked them if their boat was on the water to which they promptly corrected, “our yacht.”

dear montlake bridge, even though christian grumbles when the red lights flash and we just miss crossing before you go up, that is one of my favorite things in all of seattle. i’ll miss you!


2 thoughts on “boating day.

  1. I love the pictures! Maybe you guys can brave the traffic from the burbs and still catch the boaters… I mean, yachters.

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