saved by the bell.

last night i was helping my sister with her decade project on the 90s. i never thought i’d be called upon to give expert advice about a decade. but for a little person born in 1994 – the 90s are to her what the late 70s and early 80s are to me. 1990 found me finishing up 5th grade and 10 years later i was ringing in a new decade in the middle of brazil on my mission.

at her request i explained hair, clothing, music, movies and tv shows. i thought i had been pretty thorough until i realized a few alarming things that she did not quite comprehend:

  1. i did all of my school research using encyclopedias, the printed and bound kind.
  2. i had a quarter in my pocket every time i went out so that i could call home using a pay phone if i needed to.
  3. i had vital phone numbers memorized since i’d be using a land line to make the calls.
  4. busy signals.
  5. if you were really cool, or a drug dealer, you had a pager.

i think the best part of the night was explaining a pager to rachel. “so it had a pad and you could type back?” nope. no keys. no pad. a few buttons and an old school screen. that was it.

i have to say, with the exception of grunge rock, i don’t really miss the 90s. or i should say, i don’t really miss me in the 90s.

just last week i stepped into a high school auditorium to watch one of my young women in high school musical 2. the pta mom at the cash box asked if i was a student. i said no. she asked how old i was and i laughingly told her 33. she then looked shocked and said she thought i was a nathan hale high school student. who knew i could be saving money on tickets this whole time!?


7 thoughts on “saved by the bell.

  1. What a great decade! I still feel guilty for paying the student rate, but then I remembered that in the ’90s, school musicals were FREE!

  2. You were an adorable high-schooler! Who won VP?! What about the “Hello – my name is Robin” campaign? Tanner-banners? Knock ’em dead Michael Jackson Rockin’ Robin skits with a future Las Vegas show girl doing triple flips or what the heck? Showing up to class in an African outfit to read “Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears”? You and Matt WERE your high school.

    love, mom

  3. Is that a denim dress you are wearing in your High School graduation picture? I remember thinking it was funny to ask my parents questions like “Do you remember 8 tracks?” Now my kids have a whole list to ask me (they even consider CDs outdated- while I still view them as cutting edge technology!).

  4. Do you watch 3o Rock? The Beeper King stuff cracks me up. Also, we somehow were watching “Friends” the other day and that show screams 90’s.

  5. hahahahahahaha – oh wow! This was the best! I soooo wanted a pager in the 90’s. But as I was neither a drug dealer, nor cool, I had to go without one. Robin, you’re awesome. I have no doubt your crash course of the 90’s was spot on. Research! Using actual books! The kind you have to hold in your hands!

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