i’m a poser.

the other day when i was browsing facebook i came across this picture of wilder and thought about how hip my high school friends matt and sarah are and how awesome this photo shoot was. my eyes were immediately drawn to the quilt. what great colors! what a cool pattern! and then, the shock hit. that was my quilt. the one i made for little w. i didn’t remember how well it had turned out!

i’ve been making quilts for my friends’ babies for a while now. poor grace was the recipient of the very first one in 2003 i think. i have to admit, it wasn’t one of my best efforts. but, in my defense, i had absolutely no idea what i was doing. i figured since i had inherited a trusty, wobbly kenmore sewing machine from margaret, i could sew baby quilts.

with the help of my cousin becky i learned the art of the rag quilt and i started busting out baby blankets like it was my day job. that is a handy talent to have when you attend a congregation like we do which includes family student housing at the nearby university (a.k.a. weekly baby showers).

all the while i’d tell christian i was a fake quilter. i didn’t really make quilts. well, at least, not the kind that’d be found in a quilting museum. and all of my quilts didn’t quite match up – they were a little crooked or had a noticeable pattern flaw. i just didn’t have the patience for the measuring and the cutting. one time,  i made my nephew jackson a quilt without using a pattern.

i was a quilting poser.

thanks to a few lessons with my master quilter friend mandy the real world of quilting was opened up to me. i must say that emmeline, millie, wilder, runner, wesley and pace really lucked out with their blankies.

even though they never quite turn out perfectly, i still love picking out the fabric for the baby to be and seeing how it matches up with the new little person. it doesn’t hurt to see it featured in a photo shoot or wrapped around a little guy at church.

i guess being a poser isn’t so bad after all!

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9 thoughts on “i’m a poser.

  1. The second I saw that photo, I was ooohing and aaaahing over the quilt. I could never make any of those! You = A-mazing.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the quilt you made for Ella and it really did mean so much to me that you made it. I assumed you were a pro–so I guess that makes you a really good poser.

  3. The quilt you made for wilder is beautiful! Your quilts are much loved in our family. These blankies become a part of the family- they vacation with us, go in the car on every trip, ride in the stroller on walks, and frequently make it to church! In fact, Katie loves her blankie so much that she is literally eating it (she is going through the obnoxious stage when they chew on everything- shirts, sleeves, blankets, etc). I keep telling her “stop eating your blanket or you won’t have anything left!!” I’m so glad you are a poser.

  4. Funny I always considered you quite the quilt master! And yes Runner’s suits him perfectly! I miss you – hopefully you’ll get to meet him at some point 🙂

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