a week before we moved i was in the kitchen while the cable guy worked in the living room. he turned out to be very chatty, which kind of disappointed me. i politely bantered. he chatted about a close friend having a hard time financially and how their kids were the same age. cable guy was a man of jesus. he attends a big baptist church in ballard. he said he would be there for his friend, because that’s what friends do.

at one point he mentioned something about his parents immigrating. slightly more interested i asked for details. brazil. nossa, verdade?! if i was a limp fish before i was tuned in and on fire now.

i explained why i had lived in brazil and he spoke kindly of the mormons.  we talked about mandioca frita, acerola and all the other saudades. he recommended brazilian restaurants in seattle. when it was time for him to go i expected what would come next, but christian was a little surprised. cable guy went in for the hug and cheek kiss. two of them.

at the same time, we both said, “but not tres para casar!” during my mission i was kissed triply more times than i can remember, all with the well wishing that i’d get married.

the interaction made me rethink my iciness at the beginning of his visit. i almost missed that entire moment. a moment that left me craving warm beans and rice with frango à milanesa and salty mandioca.


5 thoughts on “beleza.

  1. Falo. Beleza! I’ve also been told three kisses so you won’t have bad in-laws 🙂 Estou com saudades de voce.

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