maple valley days.

in our neighborhood there is a trail. the trail passes by a lake. at that lake, is the biggest event in the town all year. lucky for us, we were new 98038 residents and knew where to go.

all week we’d seen posters and banners declaring the coming weekend maple valley days. it involved, among other things, a carnival, a pancake breakfast at the community center, a parade and a biggest maple leaf competition. there was even a facebook page and a website. this celebration is legit.

on saturday we headed out on the trail. smiling and nodding to the stroller-pushers and bike riders as they passed. as we rounded the lake a lone beefy man walked right out with his fishing pole. the music and elephant ears couldn’t persuade him to follow.

we reached the edge of the street rats classic car show and i held my breath until i spotted not just one, but two beautiful novas. i would have kissed it as per my usual greeting but all the cars bore printed signs stating unless you were nude, you were not welcome to press up against the vehicles.

just as we were noting all the christian churches and their varying booths and attractions we ran in to the sister missionaries. we definitely were not in seattle any longer.

we almost signed up for a real live milkman to deliver our milk until we saw that it was a rip off since the milk was organic. christian made a soccer friend. we ran in to a family from church. i ate a pretzel. he had a philly style sausage and was banned from breathing on me the rest of the day.

after spending time in the maple valley historical society booth and being educated by a 5th generation son of the valley, we returned to the path and headed home.


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