george on my mind.

commuting makes me grouchy. that means i’ve been pretty grouchy since june. before moving, the farthest i’d ever lived from work was eight miles. my daily 48.6 miles seem to drag on endlessly as i stare at george washington’s silhouette.

to pass the time i listen to podcasts or talk radio or npr or music or books on cd. but even then my mind wanders, much like my car, through the many miles without paying attention. i find myself reaching for a radio rewind button that does not exist. frequently i re-listen to whole sections of my book. sometimes i just turn the radio completely off and roll down my windows.

1776 most recently made many round trips with me.

it is long and meaty. it’s filled with recognizable players, all of whom have prominent universities, roads, highways and towns named after them. i was surprised at how much grade school american history classes simplify. i was shocked at how unlikely, truly miraculous and albeit anti-climatic our victory really was. mostly, i was smitten with the main protagonist.i have seen washington crossing the delaware in new york city. i have sat on his porch at mount vernon. i have always loved our american history and our founders. 4th of july is my favorite holiday. that is partly the reason i ache so for virginia and felt so at home there. but my crush on mr. washington took me by surprise. his rally cries are very reminiscent of a different general facing just as daunting a task.

several degrees of separation connect me to this george. my 6th great grandfather, conrad kremmer, was a hessian soldier. he defected to the continental army after being captured at trenton. he eventually became the official body guard to the general. another george can be found in my past, one who listened to missionaries in england and instantly believed, moving his entire family to the united states.

it is interesting that the name george was popularized in the european courts thanks to england’s patron saint, st. george. that george is famous for allegedly slaying a dragon. another insurmountable feat, much like our independence.

we had dinner with friends last week. during a discussion about naming babies the husband joked about how his wife has had a baby name list since she was little. don’t all girls have that list? if not physically, mentally tucked away somewhere?

by george, i think my boy name options just got a little longer.


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