i’ve made reference to the fact that it sometimes seems like i’m married to a five year old – he loves cheese pizza, mario brothers and legos. whenever he sees anything creamy and white, he assumes the worst, a mayonnaise invasion. he then makes the same grossed out face i remember my little brothers making. no persuasion can change his mind. he will not eat whatever the whiteness is touching.

saturday i spent the morning with a friend. we were supposed to go running, but we are both new to the area and the morning was quickly consumed with errands. we topped it off by sampling all the goodness the black diamond bakery has to offer and perused the maple valley farmer’s market. throughout it all i tried very hard to make her four-year-old hank my new friend.

he patiently waited in the car with me and his baby sister at several stops. we talked about his wounded knee from a recent bike crash and he told me all about playing mario kart and super mario brothers on his DS. the majority of my nintendo knowledge is second-hand. with the exception of tetris and dr. mario i have been schooled by two little brothers and a husband. i asked hank about underwater levels, fireballs and throwing shells… his beautiful brown eyes, more animated, were still cautious. both his mom and i kept telling him that christian loved legos and mario.

later christian came over to help put together a baby swing we picked up on craigslist. the disappointment was evident on hank’s face.

“christian isn’t a little boy!?” he said confused. all morning we’d built his hopes up for a playmate. one who would check out his tree house and play his games. in an instant they were dashed.


7 thoughts on “dashed.

  1. i love this story because i am married to a five year old as well. one time my five year old nephew came over and i kept telling him all the toys he wanted to play with belonged to uncle chris. and he was like, “why does uncle chris have so many toys?” love it.

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