milkshake monday.

i am a little bit scared of heights. which makes sense, since i’m also scared of dogs, downhill skiing, dentists and pretty much anything else that hurts or can hurt. i am very much aware of my pansy-chicken status.

our deck happens to be a wee bit higher than i’d like. we have a great view, one that i usually take in through the sliding door. rarely i step out on to the deck. when i do, i delicately take steps, similar to how i manage sewer grates on sidewalks.

on monday night, after calling every pier 1 in western washington, only one had the super clearance table i wanted. we bought it over the phone, and it waited for us in gig harbor. we drove in the pouring rain, down highway 18 into tacoma and over the narrows bridge. i’ve been over that bridge several times, but this drive was different. misty rain enveloped us as we crossed over.

once our table with its matching chairs was tucked snugly in my car we found dexter’s drive-in. it wasn’t so much a drive-in. but we shared a chocolate banana shake and walked down the street to get a peak at burley lagoon. we snuck just past a big “do not trespass” sign.

“what do you think?” christian asked.

“it kind of smells, and i think dexter should have used a real banana.” i said.

and that was that. we walked back through the puddles and brought our table home.

maybe now i won’t be afraid to go out on the deck.


3 thoughts on “milkshake monday.

  1. Bella! Eating at that table will make your already-great meals taste even better. I think that a book will be more interesting if it’s read at that table. I love the table and chairs!

  2. That table is definitely worth the drive! I love how you are gathering furniture and things that you love for your house!

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